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Pharmacy manager now in Afghanistan
News Release

From left; Ganesh Shanmugam, CEO of GS Vision Sdn. Bhd., is handing over three complimentary copies of Pharmacy Manager 2001 to Dr. Jemilah Binti Mahmood, president, and En. Mohd Shah Awaluddin, executive secretary, of the Malaysian Medical Relief Society (Mercy Malaysia). The donation, worth RM13, 200, took place after a presentation of the Society's current work in Afghanistan.

Saturday, December 8, 2001: The Malaysian Medical Relief Society (Mercy Malaysia) received a boost to its efforts when was presented with Pharmacy Manager 2001, developed by GS Vision Sdn Bhd. According to Dr. Jemilah Bt. Mahmood, President of the Mercy Malaysia, "This will be a great help to all relief societies as it would save us a lot of time and manual work."

Mr. Shanmugam said, "The software for Mercy Malaysia will be useful in the management of their medication and medical supplies, and will also be able to assist them in recording patient information." Both organizations also agreed to set up links in their respective websites in a show of support to each other and in aid of facilitating the efforts of creating a K-economy in Malaysia.

SOURCE: The Malay Mail, Wednesday, December 12, 2001.