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E-Farmasi promotes the use of ICT among participating pharmacists with the
support and guidance of the Ministry of Health and through and application
that enables a net link with the community and track:
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General Accounts
Report Generation
Sales Processing
Customer Care

Inventory Management :
This module monitors the inventory and allows the user to perform all the standard inventory functions. The system allows for the purchase of inventory in bulk and then breaking down of this inventory into smaller packing sizes for resale. Both packing sizes share the same item code in the master file and are differentiated by their packing sizes. All transactions are on-line and the inventory files are updated as the transactions occur. All transactions are captured at the point of entry and updated to the relevant modules. For example, a purchase that is received is updated to the inventory module and the accounting module, hence reducing data entry and transcriptional errors.

General Accounts :
This module handles the accounting for an entire store. This module is integrated with the inventory and POS modules. Transactions entered in the inventory and POS modules are automatically posted to the accounting module. The accounting module allows for several financial periods to be created and maintained on-line, which gives the user flexibility to check on previous years accounts when needed. Financial reports such as the Balance Sheet, Trial Balance and the P&L can be extracted on an ad-hoc basis.

Report Generation :
Other than the general reports provided for in each of the modules, there are statutory reports that are generated by the system to cater for the Malaysian government requirements. These reports are generated from the transactions that occur in the various modules. With this automated facility of recording the transactions at the source, the pharmacy can be assured that the records are current and up to date.

Sales of Processing (POS) :
All cash sales in the pharmacy are entered in this module. This module has the functionality of a regular cash register, with the added feature of having all sales updated on-line to the inventory. A cash drawer and scanner (optional) can be connected to the PC. The sale of a controlled medicine at the POS will cause the PC to automatically prompt the user to enter the name and other relevant details of the purchaser. The existence of possible drug interactions is also highlighted to the user when a sale is being made. Interaction between medicine being purchased and the patientsí history (over the last six months, for regular customers) is checked.

Customer Care :
This module captures information about a patient/customer. All drug allergies, chronic illnesses and doctor information is entered and then used to better service the customer. With information on drug allergies and chronic illnesses of patients, the pharmacy can then inform all patients suffering from a particular illness on the availability of new drugs or the recall of any drugs.