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GS Vision Sdn Bhd has identified smaller retail pharmacies in the country as the key market for its Pharmacy Manager 2000 software. Its Chief Technical Officer Param Bala said the software is aimed at providing smaller retail pharmacies and to better prepare them for the deregulation of the medical industry.

Devised to run on a basic personal computer (PC), the software enables pharmacists to do entire office functions from a single point. Features of the software include Point-of-Sale (POS), Patient Information Management, Financial and Accounting, Administration and Inventory Management.

"This gives pharmacists the freedom to spend more time to talk to their customers or suppliers. It will also prevent double orders being made and make them more efficient. It will assist them and give them the edge that bigger pharmacies have always had," Param told Computimes in Kuala Lumpur. He added that at present five pharmacies are using Pharmacy Manager 2000.

The software provides a full accounting system with receivables, payables, proft-and-loss and balance sheet reporting. It also offers statutory reporting where pharmacists have to keep track of the people buying a controlled drug. Once the controlled drug is sold and if the person is in the database, the pharmacist will only have to key in the identity card number and the rest of the information such as name and address will be provided. Other features include label printing - data can be entered through a keypad or through barcode scanning.

GS Vision is developing a customised version of the solution with a small display, cash drawer and printer through a tie-up with I-Berhad. Param said the product is currently undergoing testing and is expected to be available by year-end. The customised solution is targeted at retail pharmacies and will be channelled through the Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society. However, Param said GS Vision is also interested in collaborating with anyone who is interested in becoming a dealer for the solution.

Besides the software, GS Vision has set up a website at www.efarmasi.com.my, which it jointly developed with the Heath Ministry's Pharmacy Division and the Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society. GS Vision's Marketing Manager Linda Olivia Abdullah said 10 pharmacies are currently registered with the website which gets an average of 200 hits each day.

"In the market, youngsters come across a lot of medicine. So, if you come across a medicine, you can go and search for it. If it is not on the database, then it is not a legal drug." Users, she added, are also able to get the ingredients of a drug, properties of a drug and even information on how to use a particular drug during Ramadhan or by the elderly. The website also has smart search capabilities which allow a user to search for a drug even if they are not sure of its spelling.

SOURCE: New Straits Times, Monday, October 8, 2001.