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The GS VISION team represents a unique spectrum of business associates with hardware, software and engineering skills in information technology. Our team’s emphasis is in understanding the fundamental, scientific and business issues underlying the varying information technologies and to bring ideas to life by working with IT innovations and specialists. The following are some of the projects and systems handled by our associates:

 Departure Control system, Terminal II – Changi Airport, Singapore


Our associate consultants designed and developed Departure Control System 90 (DCS 90), that automates functions like check-in gate boarding and baggage handling for all airlines using Changi Airport-Terminal II.

A system using Unisys work stations connected to IBM host network heterogeneous network of SNA lines, Ethernet LAN and clusters. This system boast sophisticated features like resilient LAN, resilient work stations, auto file duplication, user friendly screen interface and graphical user interface under MS Windows.


Online Children Service System - Electronic Data Systems


In this assignment an on-line children services system was converted from COBOL, CICS running on a mainframe to Micro Focus COBOL/Dialog System with graphical user interface to run on a LAN environment.

The conversion involved designing Dialog System screens with graphical user interface controls and changes to program code to enable them to run on a workbench/LAN environment.


   Image Enabled Investor Services Management System


This system was devised to help manage the large and complex database operations involved in providing services for about a million investors in 20 large corporations. The system has 3 databases, in which investor holding details, investor signatures and investor correspondence are stored as commercial data, image data and text data. On receiving an investor service query the graphical user interface displays the relevant details from the databases on-screen, and where necessary, even generates a reply.


   Software Configuration Management Systems - Bank of America


In this instance our associate was commissioned to:

  • Develop a Software Configuration Management system for the entire local operations of the bank consisting of LAN and mainframe based systems, involving 4.5 million lines code.

  • Carry out modifications and maintain modules of the Global Banking System which controls the bank’s activities world-wide. This work was carried out on an offshore basis from their site by hooking up to the bank’s IBM system at U.K. through a 64KB line.

  • Customize the vendor packages (Marshall and Isley, The Collection System), for the India Retail Banking System.

The system was operated in an IBM 3090, MVS, CICS, IMS/DB, COBOL environment.

  Online Integrated Financial Information System


A complete project from business system analysis to designing, developing and implementing a centralised on-line financial system with over 200 applications catering to financial transactions from all the ministries of the Sultanate of Oman was executed. The software environment for this turnkey project was CICS, SQL/DS, CSP and COBOL.